About Us

A Message from our Founder, Betsy Campos

“I was born in Canada but of Brazilian heritage. Growing up, I spent my summers in Brazil - where beachwear is ingrained into our culture. What I found the most inspiring about Brazil was how people wore their swimwear. From the diverse cultural backgrounds that make up the population, to the variety of body types and ages of the women gracing beaches - all of them wore their pieces confidently. Every woman's body shape is different and unique, and so are their life experiences, personalities and tastes. I wanted women to be able to reflect their uniqueness and be confident in their choices, especially when they are the most exposed. I traveled endlessly to find unique and quality stretch fabrics from all around the world to give you the selection and quality you want. These suits were made with love, I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I did designing them.”

Ūnika Swim was launched in 2018 by Betsy Campos - ŪNIKA comes from the Latin word “Unica” meaning - only one, one of a kind & unique. Ūnika was created with a clear vision in mind: to provide body-specific swimwear; regardless of age, shape, or size. We aim to empower every person by helping them recognize and appreciate their own individuality – our end goal is to make you feel confident in a swimsuit; as everyone should.

Swimwear shopping can be an intimidating experience; and finding the perfect fit can be difficult and frustrating. Every body is different, just as every person's needs are. We specialize in cūstom swimwear; however, offer standard sizing on our online store. Inclusivity is our mission statement; that`s why every style we offer is available in sizes XS-4XL in 35 different styles. We also make suits to accommodate those who have undergone surgical procedures such as mastectomies and lumpectomies, just to name a few. Learn more about our cūstom swimwear here.  

Our styles range from very minimal to conservative pieces, ensuring that everyone`s personal vision and style may come to life. In an effort to reduce unnecessary waste, every piece is made-to-order from our storefront studio in Toronto, Canada. After an order is placed, we then begin the process of hand-making each piece; which takes our team approximately 4-6 business days.

Meet the team

All of our swimwear and online content is made by our team of 6 women. From designing, drafting, cutting, and sewing, we do it all by hand in our storefront. We pride ourselves on our ethical practices. Our open-concept studio allows clients to see the production process for themselves; offering complete transparency. This is what differentiates us from fast fashion and overseas manufacturing; we have nothing to hide! Our work conditions are safe and visible for every customer who comes into our store. Learn more about our team by clicking here->



Often referred to as the "Ringmaster" of ŪNIKA swim, she oversees all things going on in the shop. From Custom Fittings, Fabric sourcing, to approving final designs and making sure the shop is running smoothly and in order.



As a fashion designer, Alessia is involved in all areas of the business. She designs, works production, assists with custom fittings and sales.



Serena is the graphic designer behind our content. She creates work/advertising for our brand, social media and overall online presence.



With a long history working with stretch fabric, Barbara is a part of cutting and sewing. She is involved with production and on the spot quick fixes.



Dije has worked in swimwear industry for over 25 years. She is currently working for ŪNIKA Swim as a designer, sample maker, and pattern maker.

We proudly utilize ECONYL, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post-industrial waste, in our pieces - which are all handmade in Canada. ŪNIKA is built on a foundation of quality and environmental consciousness, with the core belief that all fashion businesses should play a part in designing the best version of the future.

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