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Benefits of Cūstom Swimwear

Benefits of Cūstom Swimwear

At ŪNIKA Swim, we take pride in being able to create custom swimwear that makes women feel confident and comfortable. Shopping for a swimsuit can make a lot of women feel uneasy and we created our business in hopes of changing that. We offer both in-store and online custom fittings, where we collaborate with you through the process of creating your very own suit.

When choosing to book a custom fitting, there are benefits that come along. Some women find it difficult to shop for pre-made swimwear when companies only offer one size for both the top and bottom. During a custom fitting we take your measurements and have you try on styles that interest you to help you find the right fit you are looking for. After finding a fit you feel confident in, we take your take notes on any additional changes you were looking to add or subtract from the swimwear. More or less coverage, adding padding or length to a one piece, we aim to help make your swimwear fit to your body.

With our custom swimwear process, we also offer the option of re-creating your favourite swimsuit or undergarments with a small additional fee. This option is unique as we have you bring in a sample of what you are looking for and aim to recreate it as close as we can.

Along with being able to pick the right fit for you, we offer 100+ colours and patterns for you to choose from. The material we offer is premium, UV and SPF proof fabric made by ECONYL®. ECONYL® collects waste and discarded fishnets from the ocean and landfills to then clean and repurpose into high-quality, durable and recycled Nylon material.

At ŪNIKA, we create our swimwear and other products through ethical practices. When you visit our storefront in Yorkville, you are able to see all the steps that go into producing our swimwear with full transparency. We have no factories or warehouses involved in our process of creation and are proud to show our customers that we value our employees and their working conditions.

When you visit our Yorkville storefront for a custom fitting, we aim to make the experience as seamless as possible. We encourage all women to come and book an in-store custom fitting to see what we have to offer.


To read about the full custom experience and steps involved, click the link below to view our blog post;

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