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A Ūnique Experience at Ūnika Swim

A Ūnique Experience at Ūnika Swim

For those of you out there who have not yet visited our storefront and studio, we hope this paints the picture.

Our storefront is a large open concept space where you are able to shop off the rack swimwear, try styles on in our change rooms, browse our fabric swatch wall, learn more about our custom process, and you can also see our employees busy at work either sewing, pattern drafting, or cutting fabric.

Upon entering the store, we explain our concept to new customers about how we make everything right here in store. We point to our coworkers working away in the studio area sewing and cutting, and almost every single time, their reaction is “wow that is so cool!” After working here for a long time, you can become desensitized to how unique our concept is because you see it every day. After hearing the excitement of each new client upon seeing our studio, it reminds us that this concept is extremely unique and it helps to create a memorable and interesting experience that they will remember.

As a result of this transparency, all visitors are so intrigued to see us making their swimwear right in front of them. We are a unique, custom, and interactive experience where the customer can see the entire production process from choosing their styles and fabric to the completed swimsuit. This also allows us to show everyone that we really do make things ethically and sustainably. In contrast to so many large companies that have manufacturing overseas, we have nothing to hide and the production process is out in the open for everyone to see for themselves. This helps us create a level of trust and a special bond with our clients and community that we wouldn’t have otherwise.


We are fully aware that swimwear shopping is every woman’s nightmare but with our ability to customize, there isn’t any worries of being in between sizes, or not finding something that fits at all. With a lot of swimwear, customers have to compromise and choose a style they don’t really love but the colour they do, and vice versa. At Ūnika, we have over a hundred different fabric options in different colours and patterns. We’re able to find something for everyone of every age, shape, and size. Creating an enjoyable experience for our clients is important to us, we want them to leave feeling comfortable and confident in their bodies and in their new swimwear made just for them. We can’t wait to see ū soon!
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